You don’t need to struggle any longer.

Sometimes we struggle to understand why our dogs do what they do – and bad manners can be embarrassing and frustrating.

Do you have a new puppy, an exuberant adolescent, an adult dog that needs a refresh on manners, or a rescue dog new to your home?  We can help you achieve long-lasting behaviour change and results.

We offer private virtual and in-home training for you and your dog to help make your dog a positively enjoyable member of your home.

Why Choose Positive, Force-Free Training?

Develop a Life-Long Bond

Develop a Life-Long Bond

Positive force-free training methodology reinforces the trust and life long bond between you and your dog.


These training methods are modern, science based, and effective.

The On Kew Dog approach to resolving problem behaviours is kind and effective.

Our goal is for every home to enjoy their dog.

Ready to enjoy your dog?

Nada designs a training package and plan specific to your goals and the realities of your busy life.
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